About us


The Coalition Against Obesity is a group of organisations and institutions from Poland and Europe which have undertaken to act for the benefit of patients with obesity disease. The Coalition is a platform for experts from the related medical areas, key opinion leaders, institutions and organisations involved in the fight against obesity.

The tasks of the Coalition include the following:

  • Initiation of national debates on the problems regarding medical treatment of patients with obesity in Central and Eastern European countries
  • Fostering international cooperation for the development of anti-obesity solutions in CEE countries.
  • Enabling the exchange of experience and best practice in the field of obesity treatment across the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Implementation of a long-term and effective system of care for patients with obesity
  • Bridging the existing gap between Western Europe and CEE countries in obesity treatment.
  • Development of the Obesity Road Map a strategic document with recommendations and proposed solutions for the treatment of obesity in CEE countries.
  • Organisation of an international conference in Warsaw, entitled “The obesity epidemic – challenges for Central and Eastern Europe. The patients, the professionals, the system”. The conference will present models of care systems and best practice in obesity treatment. The event will be attended by representatives of Ministries of Health from CEE countries, and by leading experts in the field as well as representatives of NGOs.
Coalition Against Obesity, Woronicza 31 / 254, 02-640 Warsaw